My Wedding!!

This will probably be the longest blog post of my life. I have tried writing it numerous times but never know how to begin and finally decided to dive right in (rhyming not intended). I just got done watching Love Actually with my little family and am feeling a little sentimental aaaand keep wanting to express myself in British slang. Don't worry, I won't, I just wanted to set the romantic mood. I am now onto watching Spice World as my boys head off to bed to keep with the British theme. Gosh, I still super jealous of their tour bus. Don't worry this tangent isn't without purpose. While semi-watching this childhood gem a quote by the super random dude trying to film the ladies expressed something that we all too often forget, "remember the camera is the window to the soul". Thank you Spice World for bringing meaning back into life. Yes, and boy did my photographer dive deep into my soul. In all seriousness, I absolutely LOVED my wedding. Everything about it. There were so many moments where I couldn't believe it was really happening and tried my best to pause and take it all in. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I already knew that I wanted to get married at Leo Carrillo Ranch, whew that was easy. Zack and I now had the task of selecting our wedding date. At first, there wasn't too much meaning to the time of year. Flowers were one of the most important elements and therefore I selected June so I could get my grubby little hands on all of my favorites and because one of my bridesmaids was attending law school so I knew I had to keep her schedule in mind in addition to all the graduations. That left a few dates for us to consider and as fate would have it, my grandparents anniversary happened to fall on one of the Saturdays we were considering. My grandma and papa are some of the most important people in my life so June 28th it was. Not to mention they have been married for 62 years so that has to be some sort of good omen, right? Right.


Did you know late June is mating season for peacocks? Hah! It actually ended up being quite funny- A peacocks mating call is not exactly music to ones ears. It became a joke throughout the day and provided a wonderful touch of comic relief. 


Before I get too far ahead of myself I need to give thanks to the amazing group of creatives who made my wedding so incredible. Wait, let me take another step back, first, I should acknowledge Zack for putting up with me, during what is one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences- planning our wedding. Being engaged to someone in the wedding industry is no easy task, especially when that person is moi. Second, I of course owe my mom and dad a world of thanks for being the best and congratulate them on marrying off their third daughter. And lets just say that our bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, Taya and Mendi (who is basically family) made some serious magic happen. And boy do I love them unconditionally for it. Ok, back on track! Ashley from My Girls on Film Studios was the first vendor I secured quickly followed by Janet of Love Janet Photography and Melissa of Melissa Weaver Hair- I mean if your wedding photos are the memories you have of one of the most important days of your life you better look damn good in them. 


My lifelong dance partner. :) Much of our courtship took place on San Luis Obispo's finest dance floors so this photo holds a special place in my heart because this is what became known as the "ZB" move.


I have this thing about sweetheart tables. I think they should be spectacular and truly showcase the overall style of the event. Once I saw this fringe shawl from Pow Wow I think my heart stopped, the sea parted and I immediately e-mailed Melissa to secure this beauty. Naturally, this table design needed to be oozing with flowers and adorned with a carefully curated selection of lanterns and chandeliers. I will admit that initially I was stressed about design. I knew I wanted it to reflect a happy bohemian paradise but lets face it that doesn't really narrow anything down, which is what I love about eclectic boho- anything goes. Eventually I let my gut take control and if something caught my eye it found a place in the wedding. Most everything was collected or created by me- for real though, I went kinda crazy. Wonderful things can come from crazy ideas. 


I have to interrupt more more time! As I mentioned before, Zack and I chose our wedding date so we could share it with my grandparents. What kind of granddaughter would I be if I didn't acknowledge their anniversary! Our ceremony began with us thanking our guests and surprising my grandparents with an anniversary dance to my Papa's song, What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I don't think there was a dry eye when they took to the dance floor. My Papa sang the song to my Grandma during the entire dance. It was beautiful and it was perfect. Any you know what? Zack also sings songs to me while we dance. :)


Hahahaha just saw the legs sticking out of the photo bus!

Yep, there was a whole lotta this going on and for that reason dancing photos are for wedding guest eyes only. :)


Going through my wedding photos makes me want to begin wildly sobbing out of pure happiness. I finally got to marry the guy that makes me complete. I was surrounded by every single person that has been incredibly important to me (with my Granddad watching from above). My family officially tripled in size. I actually really love and enjoy the company of my mother-in-law. At times it may have been hectic and although I wouldn't say it was a perfect day, it was our day and for that reason, I loved it.

Photography: Love Janet Photography Event Design & Planning: The Dainty Lion Venue: Leo Carrillo Ranch Calligraphy & Custom Signs: Ampersand Collections Make-up: My Girls on Film Studios Hair: Melissa Weaver Hair Videography: Rodaniche Films Catering: Sifnos Catering  Flowers: Compass Floral Rentals: Allie's Party & Pow Wow Design Studio DJ: My DJs Desserts: VGs Donut & Bakery Brides Earrings:  Erin Fader Jewelry Photo-Bus: SD Photo Bus