Nicole & Daireus

When I found out my sister was getting married I was beyond excited!! Nicole and Daireus both have an love of travel, him being a pilot and her being a dreamer and all. Therefore the underlying travel theme for their wedding was the perfect fit. 

Aren't those planes to die for?! My fiance was actually the mastermind behind them. I would like to say it was because he can also be super crafty but the real idea came from his love for sweets. 

I love first looks. I know, I know some people are still against them and I totally get that but I think there is something so sweet and intimate about a first look. Daireus completely melted at the sight of Nicole both during the first look and at the ceremony. I think we all lost it when they set eyes upon each other.

travel theme wedding
San Diego Wedding

That view is insane!! 

Bali Hai Wedding