Floral Tidbits

There are always so many floral happenings going on. If you follow us on Instagram @thedaintylionfloralco you have probably seen most of these BUT I figured I would start to show more behind the scenes action too.


After our Dunes shoot (check out previous blog post) Michelle Lillywhite Photography, Samantha Louise Moments (dreamboats I tell ya- both of them) and I teamed up to showcase this stunner of ensemble from Show Me Your Mumu. We were hoping to have the dress for the dunes shoot but the postal service decided to throw us for a bit of a loop. Luckily Mrs. Lillywhite suggested we do a quickie shoot the next day- since the dress was currently sitting on her doorstep as we were 3 hours away playing in the sand.  So from sand to sea we adventured and in my opinion made some extra special magic. Green Wedding Shoes featured this lovely session. 


Alley photos before bouquet makings.


Ooooooook. If you haven't checked out Jarrod J Photo yet, you should. He is the real deal people. I LOOOVE the photos he took of this sweet little number whipped up.


Flowers have magical powers and I can prove it. I was at the flower market for a meeting and as I was about to leave I had the strongest feeling that I needed to go back inside and purchase the most rad flowers I could find and make something spectacular. I then decided to call one of my favorite people Kate from Beau and Arrow Events to ask if it was alright if I stopped by. I told her that I randomly decided I NEEDED to make a bouquet and asked if she could snap a photo (keep in mind I had never before called on her to take a bouquet photo for me) and because she is the best she obliged. Come to find out she had just gotten engaged two days earlier and I was the first person to see her ring in person! Ta-da the bouquet was meant for her. It drew me to her. Flowers contain actual magic = point proven.


I've said it before and I will say it again, if you find a good photographer (or in my case a number of great ones) hold on tight and never let go. By Amy Lynn Photography is one of the first photographers I connected with and SHE, well she is still one of my most favorite ever. She ran around North Park with Samantha and I while we were being giant weirdos, frolicking and not caring what anyone thought of us.


Alrighty, well this might be enough random blogging for now. Do check in again because this will probably become a thing.