The Dainty Lion: Floral & Design Studio

It is with an extremely happy heart that I am going to formally announce The Dainty Lion: Floral & Design Studio. Surprised? Not really? Yeah, it has been a long time coming. In fact, the first wedding I ever did was just flowers and design. And well almost every single one thereafter had my floral and design touch. The past few years have been some of the best and I have learned more about myself than I thought possible both as a creative and a human being.

I'm gonna get personal. Ready? 

First before we get into the meat of this, did you see my new logo? It is pretty badass. I never had an actual logo before because I am extremely picky and was never satisfied with anything I was seeing. Not only is my new logo the most perfect illustration I have ever seen, it was created by one of the most influential people in my life. Faith of Ampersand Collections and I go back a long ways. Since Jr. High to be exact, where we determined that we must in fact be long lost twins despite our obvious height and overall appearance differences. She is by far the most creative person I know and has been inspiring me for a good portion of my life. I really hope all you creatives out there have a Faith. And for all you brides, she does custom work for weddings as well. 

Why did I choose to focus on flowers and design? Because I simply cannot live without them. Being a florist is not a gig for everyone. It is a profession that needs to be driven by passion and skill above all else. As for design, it is in my blood and something I take very seriously. I like to think I bring something a little different to the table in both of these elements. Maybe its because I don't like to restrain my creative side or maybe its because the idea of pumping out the same wedding over and over again hurts my soul.  Regardless, I love the evolving nature of my work- the excitement of stepping into the flower market every week and being surrounded by endless possibilities not to mention relentlessly searching for the perfect flower or detail. This is not a job. This truly is who I am. And it was time to specialize instead of trying to constantly do it all.

Do I miss traditional (non-design related) planning & coordination. Absolutely. It is really difficult to turn that side of my brain off but I honestly think I was doing myself a disservice not truly focusing on the things that drive me the most. For the longest time I thought I was failing if I could not do planning, design, coordinating and flowers all at once. Guess what I learned? It is ok to not "do it all". I know this might come as a shock {said with sarcasm} but I believe so much in the power of women. Here is the thing though, we are constantly fighting the "do it all/have it all" battle and frankly it was driving me bananas. I think I am strong and independent but I was quickly recognizing that I want to have time for myself and my little family and that does not make me any less of a progressive woman. I know, that sounds all serious but it is honestly something that I had been struggling with. Especially since my job is also my passion.  I learned a whole heck of a lot while "doing it all" and would not trade it for the world. I know the ins and outs of weddings now (which is sooooo important) and I really found out what I am capable of. If you have ever done all of those things during the time constraints, problems and high emotions of a wedding then you know what I am talking about. *I know those of you who "do it all'' are agreeing with me right now. So, yes I do miss it. There is a special connection a planner has with her clients and I hope I can still maintain half of that through my new approach to being a wedding florist and event designer. Granted my couples probably will not have anything to compare it to but I am setting up a better system for being a florist based on my experiences of being a planner as well. 


I think that about wraps up this portion of bearing my soul. The Dainty Lion has some incredibly rad projects on the way so stay tuned! 

Of course if you are looking or know someone looking for a florist send me a message and lets chat! The Dainty Lion specializes in wedding and event florals but will also begin creating floral accounts for those of you who would like an extra special arrangement for someone in your life and/or people who would like a steady supply of gorgeous flowers for their home or office. Deails to come soon!

Love you all!! xoxo, Kimberly aka The Dainty Lion