Lux Art Institute Event

Looking for something totally rad to do this Thursday, July 24th? Come visit me at Lux Art Institute in Encinitas where I will be arranging flowers during an awesome event! Live music, jewelry trunk show, tacos, drinks, a ridiculously amazing art exhibit and flowers all in one place??! Yes! The trunk show (aka where I will be hanging out) is FREE! The live music and food and beverage portion is not free but worth the price! Go to Lux Art Institute to find out more information. You should truly experience this hidden gem! 


My flower creations will adorn Ashley Kim's handcrafted vases (as seen in the photo above). With purchase of the vase you get the flowers as well! Tolan Shaw will also be opening for the Brothers Grimm. Beverly Penn's exhibit will be open (which might just change your life). Erin Fader Jewelry will be selling her incredible designs. Add in Bull Taco, Stone Brew, Barefoot Wine & Kill Devil Spirits and you have got yourself one heck of an event!

Parking is available in the lower lot and on El Camino Real. I will be posted up in the Artist Pavilion (go past the first building, up the small hill to the building on your right). 

Hope to see you there!