Leucadia Pop-up Event

What has the intrigue of a secret society and a lust determined to satisfy your appetite? Clandestino. A {secret} underground restaurant offering diners with an intimate experience. Brittany, the mastermind behind this local gem is a gal with an innate hosting ability and unique taste for life and adventure that resonates in her food. I have been lucky to experience Brittany's cooking first hand and let me tell you, it was good. It was damn good. 

I was lucky enough to help out this foxy lady at a pop-up shop in Leucadia a few months back with some pretty flowers and rental items. 

Clandestino hosts the dinners in a different and secret location throughout Encinitas and Leucadia. Once a location is secured Brittany creates a menu and theme for the night and sends out an e-mail to everyone on her invite list. Seating is limited and ranges from 15-25 guests per dinner, therefore you have to move fast to secure your plate. From there all you need to do is show up and enjoy a dining experience featuring all things local. Did I mention the meal is usually about 5 courses? In addition to the wonderful food, you get an opportunity to meet and mingle with other people you otherwise might not have. 

Want to get on the exclusive invite list? Send an email to clandestino92024@gmail.com to get notified of upcoming dinners.